THE SWEEPER KEEPER The days of the goalkeeper simply being someone who stops shots at the goal are long over. The modern goalkeeper must be able to play as well outside of the Penalty Area as he does inside it. He must be willing to venture outside of the Penalty Area to intercept long through Read more

A Guide to Effective Goalkeeping Communication

While watching games recently, one of the biggest things that stands out to me is the lack of effective communication from goalkeepers, especially the younger ones. Goalkeepers need to be able to effectively communicate with team mates throughout the game to help direct, assist and inform of situations that the field players cannot see or Read more

Training Tips From 18 Years as a PRO KEEPER

TRAIN AS YOU PLAY Being a Professional Goalkeeper for 18 years i had the pleasure to train & work with some great Goalkeepers and managers. One of the first tips i can remember was from my youth team coach Kevin Hodges at Torquay Utd, Kevin went on to be 1st team manager and played me Read more