Second Barriers Make For Safe Keeping


Anyone who has ever been coached by me will know my motto is KEEP IT SIMPLE, watch the ball and get second barriers(meaning your body as well as your hands) behind the ball whenever possible. How ever hard or soft a shot your technique should never change, as NO SAVE is easy.

A lot of Goalkeeper Coaches try to complicate the job of a Goalkeeper, at the end of the day the main job is to keep the ball out of the net ! Whilst doing this Keepers will go about it in many different ways, Goalkeepers CAN NOT be coached to be robots, as every Keeper is different

The main principles in my opinion for a Goalkeeper are:

1. Keep Body weight forward while diving
2. Get second barriers behind the ball, always try to move your feet in line
3. Work on speed of feet, speed around your goal can make saves so much easier
4. Practice Kicking/distribution before EVERY session
5. NEVER take your eye off the ball

Below David Dea Gea demonstrates what we call at Just4Keepers the ‘K-Barrier Scoop’ You can see in the pictures how he is watching the ball all the way into his arms, he lowers his knee to create a second barrier behind the ball and his body weight is forward so if he fails to hold the shot the ball should bounce forward off his body and not back into the net

So keep it simple and when you play games you should have a clear head and concentrate on keeping the ball out of the net, and all your training should naturally become part of your match play. A Goalkeeper should NEVER be thinking about techniques during a game, just Keep the ball out of the net and your technique will look after its self if you train hard

REMEMBER: I am here to help, if you ever have any questions please email me