Become a Professional Goalkeeper

One thing that we do VERY well at Just4keepers is go the extra mile for our students!

One of the most common asked questions I have got asked over my 20 years as goalkeeper coach is, ‘How do I become a professional goalkeeper’

So what we have done in J4K, is set up a ‘Structure’ how to get our students noticed by professional football clubs.

These have cost J4K a few thousand pounds to put together, but this is a service completely FREE of charge for our students!

Goalkeeper Agent is a service that we have put together to help our students achieve their dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper. Each year J4K tries to represent as many young goalkeepers as we can to get them on the road to become a professional football player.

Again like the majority of things Just4keepers have set up for goalkeepers, this is a FREE service. Please go to for more info.

If you think you have talent and want Just4keepers to represent your goalkeeping career, please sumbit your goalkeeper video to GoalkeeperCV.

Again this is ANOTHER free service J4K has set up just for budding goalkeepers