Congratulations to dylan Mcnulty on be offered a two year apprentiship with cambridge utd of the blue square conference, dylan has been a j4k student for more than 4 years and now has the oppotunity to impress in the university city

the ex home farm and current malihide number 1 has shown to all what hard work and dedication can acheive. after being told he was to small by a number of english clubs dylan went away and worked even harder at his goalkeeper training, sometimes training six days a week, now he can do this as his job !!!!

J4K Coach Matt Gregg always had high hopes of the dublin native ‘the first day i coached dylan i knew he had the natural ability and after a few more weeks i knew he had the work ethic to go with it, altough Dylan lacks height he makes up for this with his superb handling and spring, i knew dylan was ready for the move after beating me at a game of Keeper wars, this has rarely been acheived !!!.. ha ha. I wish dylan the best of luck and have every confidence he can make a career as a PRO KEEPER.