FREE Gloves for Grass Roots Goalkeepers NOT Professionals

Just4Keepers are dedicated at helping young grassroots Goalkeepers all across Ireland and now throughout the world. This year alone Just4Keepers Ireland have given away over 500 FREE pairs of Goalkeeper Gloves to young Goalkeepers in Ireland, below are a few of the Young Keepers receiving the FREE Gloves from J4K Coach Matt Gregg



Where most Goalkeeper Glove companies give free Gloves and Sponsorship to Professional Goalkeepers to drum up advertising, J4K are different, we DO NOT give any Gloves away to Professional Goalkeepers as we believe Grassroots Goalkeepers need the help and loyalty more, this is the reason why we have given away so many Gloves to young Keepers, as we are PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT.

Goalkeepers can also receive Goalkeeper Sessions from Current & Ex Pro Keepers for as little as €2 per session in our UNLIMITED Sessions policy.

Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Academy in Ireland have helped over 50 goalkeepers achieve there dream of playing Professional Football.

We are here to help Goalkeepers of ALL abilities and ages. Any Goalkeeper in Ireland is welcome at any J4K Venue in Ireland for a FREE Goalkeeper Coaching Session