FREE Goalkeeper Coaching

Just4keepers are offering EVERY young Goalkeeper in Ireland   FREE  Goalkeeper Coaching in Ireland OR FREE Goalkeeper Training in Ireland. Just4Keepers Ireland have over 100 years of Professional playing experiance and want to share their knowledge with EVERY young Goalkeeper in Ireland. We beleive that to coach a young Goalkeeper you need to have played and trained at a Professional level, ALL J4K coaches have this experiance and are rady to pass on their information gained onto Irelands next generation of Keepers. To find a J4K venue near you just follow the links to ‘find Ireland coaches’ and you will find a venue near you. Not only do Just4Keepers give FREE Goalkeeper Coaching sessions they also give away over 300 pars of Goalkeeper Gloves EVERY YEAR to their students. J4K also offer a Goalkeeper Glove sponsership to grassroot Goalkeepers, a great way to get Professional Goalkeeper Gloves at affordable prices. Just4Keepers were fed up of seeing so many young Goalkeepers being ripped off when buying Gloves that we made our own brand and help Keepers/Parents to buy the best Gloves at the right price. Make sure you take advantage of this amazing offer form Just4Keepers, HAPPY GOALKEEPING