Just4Keepers Ireland have now given away over 200 FREE pairs of Goalkeeper Gloves to our students over the last year. Some Keepers have received upto 20 pairs of FREE Goalkeepers Gloves from Goalkeeper training in Dublin with Just4Keepers, which makes there training for the year absolutly FREE. Beth Hayden, who’s Son Eoin attends Just4Keepers in Blanchardstown said ‘I lost count of how many free pairs of Gloves Eoin received, it must be about 20 pairs by now, lets just say he NEVER has to buy goalkeeper Gloves’. This happens at no other Goalkeeper Schools in the world. We have also put on over 200 hours of FREE coaching for Keepers & Clubs around the country in this time. This makes Just4Keepers the one the biggest supporters of grassroots Goalkeeping in Ireland. This summer Just4Keepers will be visiting a further 30 clubs in Ireland to give there Goalkeepers FREE Coaching. If you would like your club to receive a FREE Coaching session for ALL your keepers please do not hesitate to contact us.