FREE GoalKeeper Training Session for your Club

Just4Keepers are offering every club in Ireland a FREE Goalkeeper coaching session. This is a fantastic opportunity to make sure your Keepers are ahead of the rest when the new season begins. Not only are the sessions FREE they will be taken by a CURRENT or EX PROFESSIONAL Goalkeeper, so you will be gurenteed your Keepers will be training as the Pros train. On top of this we would like to offer any club that takes up this offer a basic introduction into Goalkeeper coaching for all the clubs coaches. WHY WOULD JUST4KEEPERS GIVE ALL THIS FOR FREE  ?????? At just4Keepers Ireland we are 100% committed to helping young keepers improve there Goalkeeper skills and no how of the game, we are fed up of seeing so many young Goalkeepers neglected and then blamed when the goals go in. This is no fault of the coaches who run all the teams, as they have there hands full with 10 other positions, so this is why just4Keepers have decided to help Irelands Clubs and young Goalkeepers for FREE. If you would like to take up this fantastic opportunity please contact Matt Gregg at / 01-5040447 / 087-7691191