It was third vs second in the DDSL League going into the last game of the Season. Castleknock celtic were two points clear in Second place needing only a draw for promotion, only to find themselves 2-1 down entering injury time in the second half. So often the Goalkeeper is always taking the blame when there team loses, but today was to be different, Sean White-Mullins(pictured) Castleknocks No. 1 decided he would go up for a corner in the last minute of this excilerating encounter, he attacked the ball with aggression and powered a header into the net with the last kick(or Head) of the game to earn his team promotion. Sean Said ‘ at just4Keepers Goalkeeper training we play a Goalkeeper Distribution game which you need to score a with a header, i never thought i was really practising for this today’ Its not often a Goalkeeper is the hero like this so all Keepers should appreciate this amazing feat from Sean

Sean White Mullin 2

Sean attends just4Keepers goalkeeper Academy in blanchardstown every saturday where he has become an established Goalkeeper and is regarded as one of the Best Keepers in his league, they might be looking him to play upfront next year !!!!!!… well done sean SUPER KEEPER