Goal Scoring Keeper

carl casyAnother J4K Goalkeeper has scored a goal, this one must top the lot !!!!…. Super Keeper Carl Casey lined up a free kick whilst playing for Shamrock Rovers Under 15s in a DDSL Premier clash Vs Home Farm. Carl did not venture forward and try and take his strikers job !!!… Carl took the Free Kick from 15 yards in side his own half and watched the ball take one bonce and deceive his opposite number and find the back of the net from 70 yards out. Carl who is renowned for his ability to produce TOP CORNER saves showed his miss firing strike force how it should be done !!!!.

Carl who has been attending Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Schools in Dublin for more than four years told his J4K Coach ‘ I just targeted the big lads at the far post and the ball seemed to deceive everyone and end up in the back of the net, I couldn’t stop smiling’

Carl who is known as ‘Big Carlo’ to his fellow Goalkeepers at Just4Keepers Goalkeeper ¬†Classes has improved his kicking to such an extent that Goalkeepers all over the DDSL leagues will be on their toes every time he has the ball !!!… J4K Coach Matt Gregg commented ‘its always great to score a goal, but this is fantastic reward for all the hard work Carl has put in over the years, Carl worked extremely hard at his Kicking when he first arrived at J4K, he is un questionably one of the best distributors of a football of his age group in Dublin

Well done Carl,