Goalkeeper Summer Camps

j4k advanced camp 2013Easter Camp 2013They say Goalkeepers are different !!! In most cases they are, Goalkeepers are left out of training sessions, blamed for letting goals in during matches and they are also left out when it comes to Goalkeeper Camps. now Just4Keepers Ireland have put a stop to that. Not only do Juist4Keepers run Weekly goalkeeper coaching sessions in Dublin & Ireland, Just4Keepers also run Goalkeeper Summer Camps in Dublin, Goalkeeper Easter Camps in Dublin &  Advanced Goalkeeper Camps in All over Ireland. just4Keepers coach more than 500 Keepers EVERY week through out Ireland and we also give them the opportunity to train during the School holidays, the picture below shows the J4K Advanced Camp in 2013 and also a goalkeeper Easter Camp from 2013. So if you are looking for Football Summer Camps, you need to look no further than this website