Goalkeeper’s LOVE the Mud

j4k in the mudGoalkeeper Training in North Side Dublin does not get any better for these Young committed Goalkeepers. Goalkeeper Coaching on the North Side of Dublin went ahead despite surface water and knee deep mud in Just4Keepers DCU Venue. Not one Goalkeeper was worried about wrecking their parents car, as they all fully committed to the session and were covered in mud from head to toe. With the conditions so bad these young talented Goalkeepers still produced a top quality session. J4K Coach Matt Gregg said ‘ its not surprising these keepers are improving every week when they turn up in all sorts of weather conditions and give the effort they did today’

Goalkeeper Coaching is essential in a young Goalkeepers development, Just4Keepers offer a FREE Goalkeeper Coaching session to ALL Goalkeepers. All Just4Keepers coaches are current and Ex Pro Keepers, its important to have a Goalkeeper coach that has experienced playing at a high level as he will know the ups and downs of being a Goalkeeper will have experienced training as a Goalkeeper