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What do you do to prepare for the next game?


After the weekend ,when you have played your game, what do you do to prepare for the next game? If you played a good game or didn’t play to your full potential the first thing to do is to evaluate your performance, but how you do this is important.

Ever notice after a game no matter how you play you tend to focus more on what went wrong than on what went well, it’s human nature to be negative and hard on yourself when things don’t go the way you want.

But did you know that when you focus on a negative all your doing is reinforcing that negative,when you do this there is more chance of repeating the mistake.That’s because what the mind sees the body does.

Instead, after your game focus on three things you did well, and one thing you want to improve on, note I said “one thing you want to improve on” not one thing you done wrong. Change the negative into the a positive, this helps give you purpose, a goal to work to the following week after your game. this will make you feel like you are working towards improvement rather than feeling down about mistake.


It’s only been a few short weeks since Just4keepers started in Mayo and already we are starting to see big improvements on their techniques and skills. With keepers from 10 yrs + coming from all over Mayo the future looks bright for goalkeeping in Mayo, there is definitely another Conor O’malley or Michael Schlingermann

It’s a difficult position being a goalkeeper , one minute, one game your a hero, the next your holding your head in your hands wondering what went wrong. It happens to all goalkeepers at sometime.  Just ask Willy Cabellaro of Man City, his performance in the 5-1 loss to Chelsea lead to a torrent of abuse from many especially Liverpool fans. One fan tweeted “If plays next week then will win the cup. Possibly the worst goal keeping performance in living memory”

Roll on one week and you see headlines all over the media like “Willy Caballero the hero as Manchester City claim silverware” 

A striker can miss 10 chances to score and score a goal on the 11th chance and be called a hero, while a keeper can make 10 saves and make mistake in the last minute and be called a disaster.

So what makes an average keeper a great keeper? A lot of it comes down to the ability to deal with the mistakes, what they do next after the mistake. The easiest thing to do is beat yourself up, hide away and keep replaying the mistake over and over in your head, (reinforcing a negative) but all that does is put focus on the mistake, the more you focus on the mistake the more chance you will make that mistake again. If your lucky enough to have a goalkeeping coach the next time your training talk to him/her, a good goalkeeping coach will help you through the situation, you can be certain that’s what Caballero did,but what if you don’t have a goalkeeping coach what can you do?

Instead of focusing on what went wrong, refocus on doing what was right, replay the scenario in your head only this time your making the save, doing the right thing, imagine the cheers and jubilation after making that save, your team mates patting you on the back, singing your praises. Try to replicated the situation in your next session only this time your doing the right thing, (reinforcing a positive).

At J4K, the goalkeeping coaches are both current or ex-professional goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches who have a vested interest in offering developmental and mental training to that professional standard. Regular goalkeeper training with J4K will enable a goalkeeper to understand the goalkeeper position to a greater extent while developing the skills and attributes necessary to compete in today’s game.

Willy Caballero from zero to hero










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