How To Clean Your Goalkeeper Gloves

How to clean Goalkeeper Gloves after Goalkeeper training, Goalkeeper coaching or after matches.  Parents often complain of Gloves wearing down to quickly and often this is caused by the Parents themselves.


When washing Goal Keeper gloves DO NOT put them in the washing machine or DO NOT let them dry on Radiators or Airing cupboards (Hot Presses). Doing this will cause the Gloves to dry out and the latex will crumble losing all Grip on the Gloves.


When finishing your game soak a towel in warm water and gently rub the latex with the towel slowly taking away the dirt/muck collected whilst playing your match and return the gloves to your bag, as you do not want the gloves to dry out


When the weather is VERY bad and your gloves are soaking wet and VERY VERY muddy after your match the above advice will not work as your gloves can be too wet and dirty. But still DO NOT put your gloves into the washing machine. If this is the case you will need to take your Gloves into the shower with you and rinse until all mud has rinsed out, after getting out of the shower peg your gloves to the shower rail so they can drip dry, again do not let them dry totally out, let them dry til moist.


Ideally you should have a separate pair of gloves for training and matches, as during training you will have much more wear on your gloves meaning they will not be of the highest quality for your matches, which is obviously when you will need your gloves at their best.


Hopefully the tips I have given you above will help you OR/AND your young Goal Keeper preserve his Goal Keeper gloves and keep to a high standard of performance for a longer period of time, as after all a Goal Keepers gloves are his tools and need to be of the highest standard at all times.


I have used these methods to look after and maintain my gloves to the highest standard over the last 18 years as a PRO KEEPER in England and Ireland and continue to do so.


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