How young should a goalkeeper start goalkeeper coaching/training

Alot of parents ask, how young should i start sending my Son/Daughter to Goalkeeper training or Goalkeeper coaching !!!!. Well to me as an ex PRO KEEPER who had NO Gaolkeeper coaching or training til the age of 16 beleives the younger you start the less bad habits you pick up. This also seems to be the case for Jut4Keepers Student Ciaran Haverty(11), Ciaran started Just4Keepers at the ripe old age of 7 after Park Celtic Football Club in Cabinteely decided to send ALL the Keepers to Just4Keepers under J4K Coach Matt Gregg. ‘Ciaran always worked hard and enjoyed his goalkeeping from the very first day he came to J4K, he seemed to pick the drills up very quickly and soon became very confident in his own abilty and earned the name ‘PG’ from al the other Keepers, what is PG i hear you ask !!!.. Well Ciarans technique and ability to transfer his drills into open play sessions earned him the name ‘Perfect Goalkeeper’ and has the pleasure of being well know in the J4K circuit as ‘PG’

Further to prove its not just his GK Coach thinking this, Ciaran broke into the SDFL Under 12 league representitive team this season and has since had his SDFL Player Evaluation form returned to him from his Coach Paddy Kerr at the SDFL Acadamy, Paddy evaluated Ciaran ‘Ciaran is the best Goalkeeper from a technical point of view’

This now confirms to me that the younger you start Goalkeeper coaching/Goalkeeper training that you will have the perfect foundations to maybe, just maybe becoming that PERFECT GOALKEEPER