J4K Andy Saves a PENO

J4K Student Andy Cunningham(Also known as Joe Hart to his fellow J4K Keepers) shows off his skills on this short Youtube clip with a fantastic double save from a Penalty. Saving a penalty is mostly achieved from instinct, but at J4K we talk about How to Save a Penalty, we encourage our Keepers to look at the players standing foot when he is striking the ball, this sometimes gives a clue BUT beware this is not a 100% tactic, as good players have the ability to fool a Goalkeeper with their body shape. Saving Penalties is a great thrill for a Goalkeeper, let alone making a fantastic save from the rebound. Andy attends Goalkeeper Coaching at Just4Keepers Blanchardstown, where we regularly train on how to save penalties, it is a great feeling when you work hard at a skill and it pays off in a game , well done Andy(Joe Hart) SUPER KEEPER