Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Morgan Griffin(9) who attends Gaolkeeper Training in Dublin, Clondalkin, has definatly shown the other Keepers who is No. 1. The Cherry Orhchard ‘Super Keeper’ who has been attending Goalkeeper Coaching in Dublin with J4K for over a year now. Was entered into the annual Lourdes Celtic pre season tournamnet with his team Cherry Orhard and other Dublin rivals St. Kevins, St. Joesephs, Firhouse Carmel & Lourdes Celtic. Morgan who never misses a J4K Session started the tournament  as he meant to continue with a string of fine saves and commanding his area with the autority of a PRO Keeper. After star

Morgan Griffin keeper of tournament

ing in all of his matches Morgan was duely annouced as ‘Keeper of the Tournament’ which is a HUGE acheivment against some of the top teams in the country. Morgans Farther Darren said ‘ Morgan was so pleased with his performances and of course his trophy for ‘Keeper of the Tournament’, since Morgan has been attending J4K his confidence and general Goalkeeping ability has improved leaps and bounds and he just loves going training with Matt and Just4Keepers’. Morgan who also is a regular at the Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Summer Camps in Dublin is definatly one to watch out for says J4K Coach Matt Gregg ‘ Morgan has fantastic abilty, since joining J4K 18 months ago Morgan has worked extremly hard to improve his game and awards like this are great reward for all the hard work he has put in, well Done Morgan SUPER KEEPER’