Just4Keepers 5th Anniversary

Just4Keepers Ireland Goalkeeper Coaching Schools has now been running for 5 years, J4K in Ireland was first started by Matt Gregg in Dublin where there was a definate lack of Goalkeeoper courrses in Dublin

J4K Ireland coach Matt Gregg with some of his young J4K Keepers

 and has since progressed to cover more than 75% of Ireland so if you are a young Goalkeeper and would like to learn off a coach who has acheived the goals that you aspire to acheive, then Just4Keepers Ireland is for you. All J4K coaches are either CURRENT or EX PRO KEEPERS with more than 80 years experiance in Professional Fottball and more than 1500 Professional appearances in the UK & Ireland between them. Our coaches have put together a coaching program made up from their sessions experiances as a Pro Keeper over this time, so essentially all our students are training how the PROS train. At Just4keepers we have already helped over 20 Goalkeepers acheive their dream of becoming a PRO Keeper, but at J4K we dont stop there, we also work on building young Keepers personality and confidence  to help them succeed in life as well as help them become the best Goalkeeper they can be. If you are interested in meeting one of our coaches in your area for a FREE session, visit www.just4keepers.ie to find your nearest Coach/Venue