Just4Keepers OR Just4Swimmers !!!!!

J4K Coach Steve Williams reluctantly called off his Goalkeeper Training Session in Dublin last night, BUT only when he realised his Goalkeepers had forgot there goggles !!!!!… Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Coaching in Balbriggan was due to go ahead in the playing feilds known as ‘The Bog’ in Balbriggan but was brought to halt when Steve arrived at his Venue last night to find it was more fit for micheal Phelps than his band of Super Keepers !!!… Steve jokingly said ‘ We would of still gone ahead with Goalkeeper training if the Keepers had remembered there goggles’. The Keepers were happy to go ahead aswell, telling steve its a great chance to try out Just4Keepers new range of wet weather Goalkeeper Gloves . As you can see by the picture, there wet weather Goalkeeper gloves would have been properly tested !!! One parent said ‘we thought Steve wasn’t joking when he said the Keepers were still going to train, admittedly its never been this bad but Steve has done Goalkeeper training for kids in weather not far off this’. Steve said ‘at Just4Keepers we always want to train in all types weather, because if you want to become a Pro Keeper you need to be able to adjust to all conditions, BUT i do think this would of been one step to far. To buy Just4Keepers Wet weather Goalkeeper Gloves visit www.goalkeepergloves.ie