Just4Keepers Students ‘CATCH’ more FREE GLOVES

Just4keepers gave away over 200 FREE pairs of Goalkeeper Gloves in Dublin alone in 2012. We have now decided that we are giving away so many FREE Goalkeeper Gloves that it is time to NAME & SHAME the SUPER KEEPERS taking advantage of this amazing offer, we will be doing a monthly article of all the J4K Students attending Goalkeeper Training in Dublin that have raided the J4K warehouse for there FREE Goalkeeper Gloves.

Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Schools in Dublin gave another 7 FREE pairs of Goalkeeper Gloves away in our Goalkeeper Coaching sessions in Dublin, this does not include the Goalkeeper Gloves Just4Keepers gave away on there Goalkeeper Glove Sponsership programme, to become a sponsered J4K Goalkeeper Go to www.goalkeepergloves.ie

So here we go, below are the happy Goalkeepers in Dublin with there FREE Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Gloves from Aprils Goalkeeper Glove give away, Callum, Kristupus, Mark, Conor, Marcus, Dylan(also known as ‘Clean sheet Dylan’) & Lennon. Well done to all these Keepers, i am sure you will be back soon for more FREE GOALKEEPER GLOVES

 free gloves 1-5free gloves 1-6free gloves 1-7


 free gloves april 1-1free gloves april 1-2free gloves april 1-3free gloves 1-4