Little & Large Goalkeepers

little & LargeGoalkeepers have always come in different Shapes & Sizes, Just4Keepers decided to take a look at probably the smallest & tallest Keepers at Goalkeeper Training in North Dublin at the weekend.

Ben(right) aged 6 & Alex(left) aged 13 Show that size doesn’t matter when it comes to being between the sticks, as J4K Coach Matt Gregg explains ‘ We decided to have some fun and take a picture of the two lads on Saturday morning Goalkeeper coaching in Dublin, both Keepers have fine attributes and I am a great believer that size is just another number, so this picture shows that however tall you are come and give goalkeeping training a go in Dublin’

‘Big’ Ben as he is known to his fellow J4K Students has developed a very solid technique since joining Regular Goalkeeper Coaching in the North of Dublin with Just4Keepers and always enjoys telling his coaches when he has kept a clean sheet, keep up the good work ‘Big’ Ben. Alex who also attends Goalkeeper Coaching in Skerries is a very dominant figure in goal and has also been developing his distribution and techniques and has improved immensely over the past 6 months.