‘SUPER SAM’ as he is known by all the other Keepers at Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Training in Dublin, is normally talked about by his fellow Keepers on GoalKeeper Training nights and Goalkeeper Summer Camps in Dublin for all his outragous Saves and Bravery. But it seems ‘Super Sam’ is now causing a stir on the internet. Sam McDonnell, the Ballyoulster Under 13s Number 1 knew he would be in for a busy season in the toughest of Premier divisions in the DDSL, but he did not realise he would be talk of the internet after the first game of the Season. After reading through a popular Schoolboy Soccer Blog, i came to the heading ‘Ballyoulster Vs Joeys’ after clicking in and seeing the first part of the Blog which read ‘Watched match today. No surprise Joeys won. But man oh man – the Ballyoulster goalie was just super.  On fire the young fella was.  Two penos saved, one saved twice. You wouldn’t see that class in the Premier without marveling.  Well done lad’ After raising  a HUGE smile i then realised that this was no surprise to us at Just4Keepers, as we see this EVERY week at Goalkeeper Coaching. Sam is a perfect example to all young Goalkeepers inspiring to be the best that they can be, Sam trains with a smile and he leaves nothing on the Training pitch, and is ALWAYS asking for more drills, hopefully this is the first of many write ups, Well done ‘Super Sam’