All Goalkeepers like to get a New pair of Goalkeeper Gloves Gloves, but Just4Keepers latest student Adam Nolan literally could not be parted from his New Just4keepers Reaction Goalkeeper Gloves.





Adam, aged 11, has only recently taken up life between the sticks attended J4K in DCU and registered with Just4Keepers Goalkeeper Coaching Schools. After receiving his J4K registration pack his eyes were straight away fixated to his New Goalkeper Gloves said his Mum Margarat ‘As soon as Adam received his New Gloves he did not let them go out of his site, i was amazed to see that he fell asleep with his New Gloves under his pillow and he also took them to school with him’

Some people ask ‘why are Goalkeepers mad’ !!!!!! This is another story when all i can say is, well, we just are !!!!

Good luck at Just4Keepers Adam, i hope we can teach you to make the ball stick to you this well !!!