The one on one situation!! Mid Ireland

Ive been getting a few people asking me lately: ” What do I do in a one on one situation”. Many people have different ideas. Some people like to come out quickly and slide in. Others would probably make themselves just look big and spread themselves. Obviously there are different games scenarios and that has to be taken into consideration also. The video demo is in the scenario were the striker is in control of the ball and is through on goal.

I think the best thing to do in this particular situation as Cian is showing in the video(onĀ Facebook) is to get low with your hands and knees while keeping your chest up and body weight forward. As the striker takes his touch you keep creeping forward, making the goal more and more narrow. This will slow down the striker and will force him to make a decision. He will either:
1) shoot: If he is directly in front of the goal it can be hard to save it if the striker is placing it either side of you. However if he tries to go for power its more than likely going to hit off you or if he sees the keeper slowly advancing, This will put doubt in his mind.

He could 2) try and take it around you. If you dont commit and stay on your feet and have the right postioning of your hands feet and postioing in the goal as Cian does. The striker will either knock it to one side where he no longer has control and then you collapse on it OR he knocks it too far beyond you where it goes out of play or he is forced to go wide and wait for support. By that time your defenders should be back and you should resume your position in the goal.

If there are any other questions dont be afraid to message me J4k Mid-Ireland